There’s Magic In Starting Over

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S1 : Pause for 30 seconds

S2 : Indeed, life can be so cruel. Nothing is certain.

S3 : We all wish to have things go smoothly for us, but it is never the case.

S4 : Life gives us reasons to cry regardless of our social, economic, or financial status.

S5 : Even rich, influential, and famous people experience situations that make them feel cursed.

S6 : The unpredictable nature of life is the reason many people seek magic potions from magicians.

S7 : However, no magic wand can solve your problems.

S8 : You have to take more responsibility to make the best out of your life.

S9 : One of the reasons we struggle to take the next step in life is because we are stuck in the past.

S10 : We say so many things about the past that cannot change, making it challenging to let go of it.

S11 : However, you have to move on because the future holds more than you realize.

S12 : You have learned useful tips that can help you start over.

S13 : The ball is in your court now.

S14 : You can choose to leverage these hints to turn your life around or keep talking about the past.

S15 : Remember that you will not gain anything from dwelling on the past. So, do the needful – start over!

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