Extra Things To Look For When Choosing Affiliate Products To Promote

Extra Things to Look for When Choosing Affiliate Products

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Choosing the right affiliate product to sell can be tough work and especially when you’re new at the affiliate marketing game. This decision is ultimately the one that will have the biggest impact on your success or lack thereof and it will influence everything about your business model from your target demographic to the type of content you create.

But once you’ve narrowed down your options and you understand the needs of your market, you might find that there are still multiple good candidates available. Maybe there are a few different eBooks aimed at a similar audience, for a similar price, and with similar performance. How do you choose between them?
One option is to look for extra additions that might set one product apart from another. These can be considered almost as ‘freebies’ that will help to make certain options more appealing. Read on to see what kinds of things might make all the difference…

Free Trial
One of the most important things to look for when choosing your affiliate product is a free trial. If you can’t try the product free or at a discounted rate, then how can you know what the key selling points are?

Marketing Materials
Some products will offer you marketing materials that you can use yourself – such as landing pages, email copy and ready-made adverts. If the seller has been having luck with those marketing materials themselves, then this means you can almost guarantee that your efforts will be successful as well. This streamlines your business model and potentially means you can make money by copying and pasting someone else’s entire business!

Some affiliates will allow you to offer discounts to your buyers. This lets you further incentivise purchases, it makes you look good and it prevents people from bypassing your affiliate link.

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