Why Most ClickBank Marketers Fail

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Let’s get one thing clear. ClickBank is an amazing affiliate program. It really is. In most cases, it covers most niches. Regardless of what kind of niche you are interested in, usually ClickBank would have a product that is either directly related or indirectly relevant to your target niche.

ClickBank also has a tried-and-proven tracking system. It is a battle-tested platform. People cannot say that this is some sort of scam affiliate system that is unproven. In fact, it’s been around for several years and as long as you play by the rules and you know what you’re doing, you can make good money with ClickBank.

With all that said, it is also a reality that the majority of people who try their hand at ClickBank marketing flat-out fail. Either they fail right out of the gate or they fail eventually. What gives? Why do most of these people fail to make money with ClickBank?

There are nine distinct reasons. Make sure none of these apply to you if you’re serious about making serious bank with ClickBank.

Niches are subject matter categories. These are basically a set of problems and concerns as well as interests. Niches involve products that address those interests, problems or concerns.

A lot of marketers don’t think in terms of niches. They don’t even think in terms of audiences who would have these problems. Instead, they hear that there is this amazing program called ClickBank and that people make thousands of dollars on every single month .That’s all they need to hear so they sign up, get an account and they start throwing ClickBank links all over the place. These individuals crash and burn.

You have to understand what niche marketing is all about and get into the heads of people you are trying to reach. You have to understand that people are not going to give you their hard-earned dollars because they have nothing else better to do. They’re not doing it out of the kindness of their heart.

They’re doing it because they have a problem to solve. This is how niche marketing works. You target certain niches because there are certain problems there that your products address.

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Many ClickBank marketers think that the more streams of traffic they get, the better off they will be. In theoretical terms, this makes all the sense in the world. After all, just like with real rivers and streams, when you have many small tributaries getting together, it turns into a bigger and bigger body of water until you have a raging river.

Unfortunately, on the Internet, things don’t actually work this way. You have to specialize and master certain channels before you scale up to other channels. Sadly, too many people marketing all sorts of ClickBank products end up marketing on so many places that they never master any of these traffic sources. As the old saying goes, jack of all trades; master of none.

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I can’t even begin to tell you how many people are impressed by Facebook traffic. Now, I wish I could tell you that they have such a favorable view of Facebook because of direct first-hand experience.

Unfortunately, most of these people are just repeating what they’ve heard before. People keep saying that Facebook Ads delivers solid results so they buy into the fantasy. Once they start putting their money where their mouths are, they find out, in the worst way possible, that a lot of this is hype.

I’m not saying that Facebook Ads will not convert. That’s not my point. My point is if you are completely clueless regarding Facebook Ads, chances are your first, second and possibly even first hundred campaigns will fail or will at least yield disappointing results.

Make no mistake paid traffic can pay off, but there is a steep learning curve and it’s also very expensive. This is why a lot of ClickBank marketers fail. They have a few thousand dollars lying around so they blow it all on Facebook Ads.

They don’t have a system for filtering Facebook Ads or qualifying Facebook Ads. They don’t even know how to post content-based ads. Let’s put it this way. They probably would have gotten the same results if they have taken those thousands of dollars in hundred-dollar bills and set them on fire.

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Please understand that even though you’re not paying with actual dollars, you can still be losing money with your traffic generation efforts. Time, after all, is money. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to waste your time on different manual traffic methods.

You think you’re making a lot of progress because people are clicking on your links. You might want to think again. Look at your conversions. Please understand that just because you put it in a lot of time, effort and energy to drum up traffic, this doesn’t necessarily mean that traffic will convert.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how many people click on your link. Do you know what matters? That’s right – the amount of dollars in your bank account. That’s the bottom line. Focus there.

This is why it’s really important to think of your manual traffic generation efforts in terms of return on effort. Look at the return that you’re getting. How much money is ending up in your bank account? Now, line this up with how much time and effort you put into generating that result. Look at other activities and see if they yield higher returns on effort.

This is how you should think. Otherwise, it’s just too easy to waste a tremendous amount of time on a manually intensive traffic campaign and have very little conversion to show for it.

At the risk of seeming like I’m contradicting myself as far as Failure Reason #2 goes, please understand that you cannot put all your eggs in one basket. With that said, this doesn’t mean that you should spread yourself too thin either.

Focus first on one to two traffic sources. Identify the opportunities. Make it work. Get your first conversion. Figure out what you did right and scale it up. Once you’ve optimized one particular traffic source, move on to the next. This is how you succeed in the ClickBank marketing game. You don’t restrict yourself to one traffic source because if anything goes wrong and that traffic source is no longer available, you can kiss your income goodbye.

Use the system I just described: identify, customize, optimize, regularize and scale. This is how you systematically move from one traffic success to another. Do this the right way and you would have many fat streams of traffic producing income and taking your bank account to the next level.

I run into this problem all the time. I advise a lot of ClickBank marketers and entrepreneurs. It turns out the vast majority of them have their eyes set on one “magic product” in their niche. Now, I commend them for their single-mindedness, but this can also be their undoing. Seriously. They’re sabotaging themselves when they do this.

You see, just because other people are doing well with a product on ClickBank doesn’t necessarily mean that you will share in their good fortune. For whatever reason, your audience members may not click with the stuff that you are selling.

This is where a bit of diversity comes in. You should pick a niche and then come up with as many products on ClickBank’s marketplace for that niche. Promote all these products using your three-layer content system. The more of these products you promote, the better because this gives your audience members a lot more choices.

However, you would quickly realize that only 10% of the products that you have chosen to promote actually sell, and of this 10%, maybe one-third sell far more units than the others. Focus on those three. Drive more traffic to those. That’s how you succeed.

Unfortunately, you’re not going to get there when you started your ClickBank marketing journey with just one product. You have to promote as many products in your chosen niche as possible so you can filter the ones that are runaway winners. You have to go through this process. You cannot skip any steps.

Have you ever come across a blog that was obviously updated quite a bit when it began? Maybe it had a lot of posts early on but, eventually, whoever was running the blog posted less and less updates until they stopped posting. It’s been several months since there last post. In fact, if you visit the blog after enough time has passed, you might even get a 404 Error because the domain name has expired.

Of course there are many reasons why this happens. Maybe their budget ran out. Perhaps they had serious issues with their personal life. Possibly, they got a full-time job and just didn’t have the time. Whatever the reason may be they just stopped updating. Please note that one of these reasons is that they lost interest.

Don’t let that happen to you because when you build a website based on a niche that you really don’t care about, it doesn’t take much for you to lose your motivation. After all, you don’t really care about the products as well as the people you’re dealing with.

The solution to this is actually pretty straightforward. When selecting a niche, pick something that you are passionate about. How passionate? Well, you should select niches that you would talk about even if you’re not getting paid. That’s how pumped up and motivated you are about those niches. Start with those.

When I was starting out with ClickBank marketing, I was guilty of this error. Seriously. I would look at products based on keywords and then automatically filter them based on their gravity score.

Gravity measures how well a product sells. Gravity measures the total number of units selling for that product within a certain period of time. The problem with using gravity as your main niche selection model is the fact that it can hide a lot of unpleasant information.

For example, if you pick a high-gravity product that a hundred people sell, you are under the impression that the average person promoting that product is doing really well with that product. This is too much to assume. In fact, in many cases, it might well be a handful of people of one hundred people who actually make any money from that product. It may even well turn out that just one person accounts for 80% of the sales of a product.

Unfortunately, you don’t get this impression when you obsess about the gravity score of a ClickBank product. Look at the big picture. Focus instead on niche specificity. Focus instead on the sales page of the product and analyze it and see if it fits your audience members. Look at the features of the product and the specific problems it solves.

Don’t get hung up on gravity score. Who knows how that number is calculated? Who knows what the internal details are?

Failure Reason #9: They got on the ClickBank Bandwagon

Please understand that ClickBank marketing is a marathon. It is not a sprint. It’s not something that you sit down to do and when you get up, you make a lot of money. You have to put in the time. It takes work, effort and sacrifice.

Unfortunately, a lot of people make their money promoting ClickBank marketing tools, resources and books. These people paint a very rosy picture of the ClickBank marketing lifestyle. They basically lead you to believe that once you sign up for a ClickBank account and you get you ClickBank affiliate links that you will basically make money fairly quickly.

This is not true. You have to know what you’re doing. You have to learn how to select your niches, and you have to learn how to sell niche product the right way to the right people at the right time.

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